Psoriasis & Vitamin D Tubes

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Minimum Order of 6 Tubes

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Vitamin D Lime Lite Twist Tubes

For The 1st Time Ever A 100% Tanning Lamp With Green Light Therapy.

The Limelight Vitamin D Lamp Is An Effective Way To Build Up A Beautiful Tan And Treat Anti-Ageing At The Same Time!

Whilst Pigmentation Is Improved It Also Helps With Dark Circles And Discoloration Of The Skin!

The Specialized Green Wave Lengths Help Rejuvenate The Skin, Fade Freckles, Liver Spots And Hyper Pigmentation!

Green Light Therapy Also Helps Soothe And Calm The Body!

Helarium 100Watt Psoriasis Tube

Specially Formulated For The Treatment Of Psoriasis

UVA Irradiance (315-400NM)
UVB Irradiance (280-315NM)
UVB/UVA Ratio 3.8%

800Hr Useful Life